Healing Path Integrative Therapies

Take a mindful journey back to your true self..


It is my hope that, during your time visiting this site, you will be inspired to reconnect with your true self.  Too often we don't take the time to be calm, exist in the moment, and make that connection. Reaching out for support is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.  It affirms your ability to give your mind, body and soul the nourishment it needs in times of challenge.  Whatever guides you to Healing Path- please remember- there are so many wonderful things that make you unique and an important part of  society. It is this place that we work to travel to...this is your journey.

Warm Wishes,

Healing Path Integrative Therapies specializes in mindfulness and alternative therapies that are uniquely blended to suit your individual needs.  Whether you are struggling emotionally, physically, or spiritually, Healing Path can gently guide you back to a place of well being.   We offer a mixture of traditional and non-traditional therapies such as yoga, meditation, somatic movement and integrated movement therapy - all of which have demonstrated to be helpful in assisting individuals experiencing any of the following:

  • stress management
  •  life changes
  • anxiety*
  • depression*
  • grief and loss (death and non-death related)
  • chronic illness/disease
  • substance recovery
  • menopause
  • PTSD* or trauma

*Please note:  You do not have to be diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or PTSD to receive services.  If you are simply feeling down or have experienced trauma, and would like to work through it, Healing Path can offer you a place of safety to begin alleviating your suffering.